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  • Garden Membership

    Interested in joining the Robinwood Community Garden? Read about the options available to you below.

    Tiered membership categories:

    Full Member Family

    Active gardener, contributing throughout the year

    Pays $20/calendar year

    Must attend at least 2 garden meetings/year

    Agrees to work 80 hrs/year*, 25 of which must be completed by June 15

    Has a watering day/week in summer & greenhouse tomato care day/week in spring

    Receives equal share of harvest each harvest day they work if they are no more than 30 min. late


    Casual garden user

    We appreciate and welcome their work, but they do not receive a share of food

    Membership and garden practices

    Garden membership is limited to 15 full member families. Deadline to register is April 1. There is no discrimination at the garden. First come, first served with current garden members who fulfilled their garden duties last year given first priority.

    During the main harvest seasons, there will be 2 harvests/week (usually Wed. evening and Sat. morning, though times vary according to day length).

    Harvest will be divided among those members who show up, no later than half an hour late.

    Work parties/harvest days will generally be limited to 2.5 hours. Gardeners are welcome to work in the garden any time, not just work parties.

    There will be a visual, up-to-date record of hours worked kept at the garden (perhaps a dry erase on the harvest table). Each member is responsible for reporting/recording hours.

    The garden welcomes people of all abilities and backgrounds. If you are disadvantaged and/or living with a disability and feel like you are unable to meet the expectations as outlined, hours/jobs may be negotiated.

    * This number can include: hours worked in the garden, attending meetings and classes, working at sales, planning activities, jobs such as treasurer, hours recorder, setting up classes, etc. Basically anything that deals with the running of the garden.

    Interested in joining? You can submit our

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